How To Buy a Popcorn Machine

Your Ultimate Popcorn Machine Buying Guide

Ultimate Popcorn Machine Buying Guide is here to help you decide what type of popcorn machine you need .We look at the different popcorn machines available and break down what would be the best fit for you based on how much popcorn the machine can produce, the material, durability, and warranty.

Which size should I get?

Starting out, the first thing you need is to understand the sizes offered. You may have read about 4 oz, 8 oz., etc. This is referring to the size of your popcorn machine's kettle. How much popcorn the machine produces in a cycle is limited by the size of the kettle. 

So this is how it works. Like most machines on the market, the machines we provide will take about 3-4 minutes to pop a batch of popcorn. A 4 oz. popcorn popper is going to make you make four one ounce servings in 3 - 4 minutes, so if you're just buying a popcorn machine for your house, you'll most likely want to start out with 4 oz popcorn machines.

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Now come the 6 oz and 8 oz popcorn machines. Some families may get the 6 oz machines if they're used to having parties with many guests, or they just love popcorn so much. Usually though once you get these sizes, you're looking more to get one for your business. Ultimately machines this size are best for Social Clubs, Video Stores, Break Areas, Restaurants, Small Bars, and Country Clubs.

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From 12 oz and up you're going to find the heavy duty popcorn machines. Schools, concession stands, and snack bars can most likely be fine with 12 and 14 oz machines. Businesses that produce popcorn at a higher volume such as  movie theaters, convention centers, stadiums, and malls will more likely need something larger.

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We have machines for all types of budgets. The larger the machine, usually more expensive it is. Popcorn machines range from $299 all the way up to $1000+ for the larger commercial machines. We price match so whatever machine brand we have in our site you'll always be getting the best price . You can check out our Price Match Policy here.


Each machine comes with it's own manufacturer's warranty. Most of them are three year warranties. Just make sure to verify on the item page if your particular machine has the three year warranty. If you're not sure don't hesitate to contact us and we'll verify for you. If you ever need parts for something not covered by the warranty, also let us know and we'll help you with purchasing those.

Hopefully this guide helped give you an idea as to what popcorn machine you need to buy. Once you're ready to buy let us know and we'll try to get your order out as soon as possible.

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