Restaurant & Bar Owners Trying to Squeeze More Profits?

The Secret that Movie Theater Owners Don't want you to Know.

Year over year movie ticket sales keep going down. Yet, when you look at industry reports, they are adding more and more cash to their bottom line.

So How are they Making Money if less people are buying tickets?

What's their dirty little secret?

You already know.

You order it every time. Probably complain about the price but you get it anyways because that's what people do
when they go to the movies.

They buy popcorn.

Sure there are other snacks, but popcorn is king.

Let's face it, who can resist that buttery smell that welcomes you when you walk into a movie theater. How else are you supposed to watch a movie without a big tub of popcorn? Nachos and cheese are cool too, but popcorn wins them all.

Popcorn is awesome because it tastes amazing.

In the movies, that is.

Microwavable popcorn? Eh, not the same.

Air popped popcorn, sure it's healthy, but does it really compare to that movie theater popcorn taste?

No.Not even close.

Did you know that with a one 8 oz popcorn pack, you can serve eight people?

Let's do some math.

First of all 8 oz are about two bags of microwaveable popcorn. Sure, I can eat a whole bag of microwavable popcorn myself, but we're looking to make profits, so as a smart business owner you'll serve the popcorn in 1 oz popcorn bags.

Here comes the fun part.

One case of 24 8 oz popcorn packs costs 21.99, meaning you're paying a little bit less than a dollar for the pack. Let's call it a dollar.

1000 1 oz bags costs 38.99, so about 4 cents a bag.

Still with me? Good.

Now remember, we're paying a dollar for the popcorn pack, but one 8 oz popcorn pack serves 8 people. So each bag of popcorn is costing about 12.5 cents.

Now sure there are different popcorn oils that will add to your cost, but I think you get the picture. If it costs at most 20 cents to make the popcorn, how much can you make off the bag selling it for a dollar? Two?

An 8 oz machine can pump about 120 bags per hour.

It's up to you to decide how you want to price your popcorn, but at the least you're giving your customers movie theater quality popcorn at a better price than the movie theaters while making money

If you want to stand out and give it away; maybe offer that instead of peanuts, by all means, the sky is the limit.

Here at Popcorn 2 Go we have all of those products plus other concession equipment for whatever type of food you're serving at your business.

I have a recommended popcorn machine that's sturdy, comes with a 3 year parts warranty, and is built to last. It's not pretty, but it's a reliable piece of machinery that will help make that awesome tasting movie theater popcorn for years to come.

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