List of Best Popcorn Machine for Home or Business

Deciding on what popcorn machine to buy is hard enough. We've taken the liberty to come up with the best popcorn machine for whatever occasion you may have in mind. If you don't want to scroll all the way down and want to immediately see what our recommended popcorn popper is, just click on the table of contents that follows.

Best Popcorn Machine for Schools
Best Popcorn Machine for Home Theater 
Best Popcorn Machine for Home Use
Best Popcorn Machine for Events
Best Popcorn Machine for Business
Best Popcorn Machine for Office
Best Popcorn Machine for Bar
Best Popcorn Machine for Restaurant
Best Popcorn Machine for Concession Stand
Best Popcorn Machine for Movie Theater


Best Popcorn Machine for Schools

When buying a popcorn machine for school you want to something that's durable, efficient, and can calm down 250 hungry kids in a matter of hours. 

For this we recommend the Benchmark 14 oz Silver Popcorn Popper.

At first glance, it's not the prettiest machine. However, it can give  you 14 1 oz bags (they are the small bags you see with street popcorn vendors) for every time they pop. Considering that it only takes 3-4 minutes to pop, you're looking at about 200 satisfied kids in one hour.

2nd Choice : Benchmark 8 oz Silver Popcorn Popper. It sells for $599, which is 200 dollars cheaper than its bigger brother. It just provides less per serving, so if you have less kids it can do the job just as well.

Best Popcorn Machine for Home Theater Room

This is a bit trickier since it becomes a matter of personal taste. For a home theater you're not as concerned with pumping out volume. Here it's more of a matter of aesthetics and what looks good as an accessory to your home theater. so here is a breakdown based on your situation:

Popcorn Machine for Home Use

If you're only going to use it whenever you and your family is going to watch a movie, it's a safe bet to go with a 4 oz popcorn machine. 

They are the most affordable ones starting at $299.99. They can give you 4 1 oz bag servings in 3-4 minutes. So let's say you have 4-8 people together, you'll have popcorn for everybody in 10 minutes. If they're really hungry, it may take you an additional ten minutes. 

The important thing to note is that if you don't use it too often, this type of popcorn popper is perfect. You can use the popcorn machine for the game room as well.

These usually come in different styles. The popular ones being Art Deco, Old Fashioned or Antique, and Movie Style. 

Popcorn Machine for Events at Home

If you're the life of the party of the neighborhood, and you're going to host a lot of events, then you're better off getting a 6 oz or 8 oz popcorn machine. 

Remember, the ounces are the size of the kettle. All it means is that you'll have 6 or 8 servings (1 oz bags) in a matter of 3-4 minutes. So if you usually have 20 people over, a 6 oz would do. If you usually have 40 plus, an 8 oz works. 

However if you have these things once in a blue moon, then a 6 oz machine can work just as well. Just do the math of how many people you'll have over and how soon you need to pop the popcorn.

Best Popcorn Machine for Business

We'll attack two angles when looking at this. Sometimes you may want to have a popcorn machine at your place of business, such as an office, bar, or restaurant. Other times you may want to have it as one of your primary sources of income at your business, such as a movie theater or a concession stand. We'll go into each type of business and look at the best machine for that use.

Best Popcorn Machine for Office

For the office we like the Paragon Contempo Pop 8 oz Popcorn Machine. 

It gives you 147 servings per hour. It's perfect for office get togethers or impromptu office snacks. Its design is simple and it comes in black, which means it will fit in any office.

2nd Choice: Paragon Contempo Pop 6 oz Popcorn Popper. Serves 113 servings per hour, but if you have a smaller office than it can be more than enough.

Best Popcorn Machine for Bar

For the bar we like the Benchmark 8 oz Professional Popcorn Machine. It is a sturdy machine that's there to get the job done. It's a good starter popcorn machine for someone that will use it commercially.

Best Popcorn Machine for Restaurant

We like the Paragon 8 oz Stainless Steel Professional Popcorn machine for restaurants.



Not only is it sturdy but we feel that it's a bit more visually appealing than the other stainless steel popcorn machines. It's on the low end of professional popcorn machines. 

If you think that an 8 oz kettle that will give you about 120-140 servings of popcorn per hour isn't enough, you might want to check out a commercial popcorn machine instead.

Best Popcorn Machine for Concession Stand

With a concession stand, a popcorn machine can become one of your primary sources of income. Therefore this isn't the time to start messing around with smaller popcorn machines. 

You could experiment with some 8 oz popcorn machines, but we would recommend that you go higher just for the purposes of usage. Smaller popcorn machines aren't expected to be used as much and as such the manufacturer won't cover the warranty on some if it's based on commercial use.

We recommend the Paragon Theater 12 oz Pocorn Machine.

It can be used in a mobile environment as well as a fixed position. It serves up to 221 servings per hour. Comes with a heating deck to keep the popcorn fresh and it's easy to clean.

Best Popcorn Machine for Movie Theater

The Paragon 14 oz Popcorn Machine can work well for small to mid size movie theaters.


t can pump out up to 295 servings per hour (1 oz bags). Of course, that amount changes based on the tubs that you'll be serving your popcorn. 

Can you think of any other type of popcorn machines you'd like to see. You can see them all on our website at