Commercial Popcorn Machines


We carry high quality commercial popcorn machines.

These commercial popcorn poppers are built to last and all come with manufacturer's warranty. If you have trouble with deciding what commercial popcorn popper to buy, you can check out our list of best popcorn machines. 


The key factor in determining what commercial popcorn popper to buy has to be the output you expect. That's determined by the kettle size. Remember, all commercial grade popcorn machines take about 3-4 minutes to make popcorn. Here is a rough estimate of how much popcorn you can expect to get from a popcorn machine based on kettle size:

  • 4 oz popcorn machines makes about 60  oz per hour.These are great for home, recreation rooms, home theaters, and game rooms
  • 6 oz - 8 oz popcorn machines make between 90-120 oz per hour.These work well with business that have kiosks, waiting rooms, and break rooms. They are also ideal for car dealerships, country clubs, and bars.
  • 12 oz - 14 oz popcorn machines make between 180-210 oz per hour.These work well for businesses or institutions with larger crowds such as churches, larger bars, concession stands & schools.
  • 16 oz - 20 oz popcorn machines make between 240-300 oz per hour.While there are larger industrial popcorn machines, these sizes work well for convention centers, fairs, parks, malls, larger school stadiums, and colleges.

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